History of the CSSL

The Canterbury Sunday Soccer League was founded in 1974 by David Bolam Smith when the inaugural Bolam Cup was played between the eight teams in the League. The top four teams at the end of the Sunday League Season went through to the semi Finals of the Bolam Cup.
The final that year was played at Denton Oval in Hornby between Whitcoulls and Christchurch Star with Whitcoulls claiming victory and the first Bolam Cup title.
In recent history, the Bolam Cup has been contested for by the highest ranked teams in each club via knock out cup rounds throughout the season.
The CSSL Trophy is contested for by all other teams from the clubs also during knock out cup rounds throughout the season.
As well as the Cup rounds each division plays two rounds from which a winner is found firstly on points from wins and secondly from the goal point difference if two teams are drawn.
The CSSL has been a fantastic competition for over 40 years which is reflected by the number of teams that participate year after year.

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