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2018 Season

Wednesday, January 3rd, 2018


CSSL History

The CSSL History area of the website has been updated. Please check it out.

2017 CSSL Winners – League

Bolam Cup: Glenbyre A
CSSL Trophy: Glenbyre C
Division 1: Treallus United
Division 2: Glenbyre C
Division 3: Combine Brothers A
Division 4: Canterbury Fiji Rovers B

2017 CSSL Winners – Awards

Division 1 – Player of the Year: Richie McCannon (Canterbury Fiji Rovers)
Division 2 – Player of the Year: Geser Constancio (Glenbyre)
Division 3 – Player of the Year: Sushil Sharma (Combine Brothers)
Division 4 – Player of the Year: (None nominated)
Referee of the Year: Jonathon Bell
Fair Play Award: Arran Eady (Alvarados)
Personality of the Year: Ben Williams (Glenbyre)

Team Cards and Results Phone

Please remember to TXT your results to 022 1057110 by 5.30 pm on the Sunday of the game. Please fill in the team card correctly – team names, division, venue, all players full names, player numbers, both captains signatures, referees names and signatures, score check and any comments (if applicable). Post the team card in by the Wednesday following the game (or scan it and email to Failure to correctly fill in the team cards, TXT results or post/email team cards in will result in fines.

Complaints and Disputes

All correspondence regarding complaints, disputes and appeals are to be sent to the CSSL Administrator (email to on the CSSL Complaint and Dispute Form which is available on the CSSL website under Forms (PDF and Word). Any further information required will be collated by the Administrator for consideration at a Committee meeting. Any Committee decision on such matters will be communicated to the respective clubs by the Administrator.

Keep it [+]

Mainland Football and the CSSL would like to present you the Keep it Positive campaign.

  • We all love the game of football. Players, coaches, parents, spectators and officials all want and deserve a positive experience each time they take the field. Sadly Mainland Football currently deal with far too many misconduct reports, incident reports and general complaints. To ensure football maintains a high level of integrity we must ensure that everyone involved plays their part. Players, coaches, parents, spectators and officials each have a responsibility and duty of care to act appropriately and collectively to enhance our local football community.
  • With this campaign we would like to make everyone aware that:
    • We all need to understand what behaviours are acceptable and unacceptable, on and off the field.
    • We all have a role to play in keeping it positive on and off the field.
    • We all want to decrease the number of incidents of abuse and assaults on and off the field and retain our beautiful game.
    • We all deserve a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone to play in.